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Welcome to Tronics America. Since 1985, Tronics America has been a labeling machine manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machines, Print & Apply Systems. A loyal and growing list of companies rely on Tronics America for their plastic or glass bottle and container labeling requirements, as well as many other applications. We are a top labeling solutions provider, and we can help you with any unique labeling application with our wealth of experience. True leaders in Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machines.
Tronics S3 Labeler

The “Series 3” or S3S Premier Labeling System - Robust, Reliable, Scalable, Easy-To-Use

Our Tronics Series 3 labeler stands out as a customer favorite, offering unparalleled versatility within the Tronics lineup of labeling machines.

Tronics 1000S Labeler

Series 1000S Single Label
Head Labeler

The Tronics Series S1000S utilizes the same label head as the Series 3, for accurately applying a single wrap-around or wipe on label onto a flat surface.

Tronics S1000 Labeler

Series S1000 - Roll Up Label
Head & Touch Screen

Tronics has developed a truly low-cost flexible pressure sensitive labeler. It has a unique modular design with the ability to apply labels on the side of flat-sided products, and around the corner of cases. Any OEM printer can be added for doing print and apply applications.

For technical advice on your application, please contact our industry experts.

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Why Choose Tronics?

Tronics, with manufacturing plants in Indiana, USA and Melbourne, Australia, is your source for reliable, flexible, and scalable labeling machines. With fast delivery and committed to labeling excellence, we collaborate closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements. When you choose Tronics, you're not just acquiring equipment – you're gaining a personalized solution tailored to your business needs. Our commitment includes:
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Local Technical Support

Guidance during the design phase ensures seamless integration into your production lines.

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High Quality Machines

Receive a top-of-the-line, user-friendly machine, complemented by comprehensive training.

Onsite Installation Support

Onsite Installation Support

Benefit from our local engineering/technician team for hassle-free installation, or let our expert technicians handle the setup.

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Maintenance Services

Our local team is equipped to run a maintenance program or address any adhoc repair and maintenance needs promptly.

What Customers Say About Us

“Our visit to Tronics exceeded expectations. We were impressed by the knowledgeable staff and the readiness and capabilities of the machines. The staff guided us through the features, demonstrating how Tronics machines accommodate various sample bottles. The experience was both enjoyable and educational, thanks to the friendly staff.

“Richard Dew and his crew got to work and were able to serve us with the exact labeling machines that were needed... We've built a relationship with them, and Tronics America is now our go-to company for our labeling operation.

“Tronics America stands out as a premier supplier of labeling machines, renowned for their unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Their prompt responsiveness and utmost professionalism set them apart in the industry. Tronics America is the go-to choice for labeling solutions, confident in their ability to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

“For more than ten years, our partnership with Tronics has been steadfast and rewarding. Renowned for crafting top-tier labeling machines, they consistently deliver unrivaled quality and precision. Beyond manufacturing, their expertise extends to comprehensive servicing, making them the trusted choice for labeling solutions.”

“Family style business with a great staff and commitment to delivering outstanding service. It's clear Tronics is dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding our business requirements, making them the go-to choice for anyone in need of top-tier labellers and unparalleled service.”

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